Bulk SMS Solutions

SMS today have become the most efficient and effective way to reach out to people to market your products and services. Be it support service messages, marketing, advertising, or informative messages, probability of people responding or viewing SMS is more than any other medium. Having said this, it is essential that there is equally an efficient way to send out such SMS so that it reaches the targeted recipients and that too at a lower cost. The solution to this is Bulk SMS Solution.

Nocture Solutions have very sound expertise to integrate your systems with various SMS Gateway providers available in the market. Our team helps to deliver the right bulk solution by understanding your needs and suggesting the best SMS Gateway and plan that should be integrated with. SMS gateway is a telecommunications network facility for sending or receiving SMS transmissions to or from a telecommunications network that supports SMS.

Following are the different kinds of SMS services that Nocture Solutions can help to setup for your business operations :

Bulk SMS

A web based bulk SMS software using which you could manage all the bulk SMS that you need to send out right from defining the SMS content and the selected audience. Such software would provide you with access to all the inbound and outbound SMS. You can also define a schedule as to when you want the SMS to be triggered to your targeted recipients.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS is a technology by which you can automate bulk voice calls to a huge list of cell phone or landline numbers and play the intended message to the recipient of the call. Voice SMS technology also allows to collect inputs from the recipients when they press a pre-defined key on their keypad for a particular response.

Polling and Voting Services

SMS for gathering polls or votes can be integrated by sending out bulk SMS having the agenda and short code instructions to define the responses. Short codes are generally 5 digit numbers to which the recipients can send texts to and submit their requests or response.


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