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Do you have your job Consultancy or Recruitment firm or want to start new one? If yes then you must have a job portal website, from which you can easily manage your job consultancy needs and can run your business efficiently.

Nocture Solutions is one of the best Job Portal Website Developer in Aurangabad. We can provide you Job portal or website with rich set of features to run your business and automate the various process like resume gathering, requirements posting, sorting and searching of resumes etc. We have developed the portal looking all the need of the industry. We have option of providing full customized job portal website as per your requirements.

Our Job portal has following features

Job Seeker Control Panel Features

  • Edit Profile – Education Detail, Experience Details etc.
  • Search Jobs with various criteria like Sector wise Job Searching, City Wise, Position wise, recruiter wise
  • Advance and Quick Searching of jobs
  • Featured Jobs list
  • View Job Details
  • View Recruiter details
  • Apply for job

And many more

Job Recruiter Control panel Features

  • Edit Company Profile
  • Post New Job
  • Manage Job Posting
  • View List of Job Application and View Resume of Applicant
  • Send Interview Letter
  • Search Resume
  • View Job Seeker details
  • Send Email to Applicant

And many more

Admin Control Panel Features

Admin have all rights to manage all activities related to Jobseeker and Recruiter

  • Manage Job Seeker
  • Manage Recruiter
  • Manage Membership Schemes and Members for Job Seeker and Recruiter
  • View Profile – Jobseeker and Recruiter
  • Jobs Management – Block / delete fake postings

And many more

General Pages

  • About Us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • News
  • Services

And other general information pages.

Additional Features

  • Customized Reports
  • Social Media Integration
  • SMS API Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Google Analytics to track visitors
  • News management

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